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 CuteGumr appication

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PostSubject: CuteGumr appication    Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:33 am

In-game name: CuteGumr

Character lvl & Class: Lv84 sm

Former Guild (if any): serenity//purple

Your Equipments (include if gemmed or not): LV65 staff +6 ,3 sock, lv3 chip soul, lv3 soul,-2 rings lv65- ms neck- 4cp bd set +4, 2 sock ,lv3 chip colo, lv1colo- Lv28 MJr ,novice poss- all togather got 193 con ,122 spr

Your Skills: all attk skills max ,lv8 Intense Magic

How many people have Access to Your Account:nonly me

How long you've been playing TOP:n2 years ago

How Active are you in game: 3 -4 hours a day

Why you want to join in this guild? to meet more ppl high lvl players get knowledge more abt game

do you have any experince in dw and ca and other maze? not in ca a lil bit in dw

NOTE: You need to have your own SV (with a lv20+ ship) and your own SS (with LB quest).[/quote -
i have a SV lv67 with a lv 20 and ship and SS lv73 no LB quest =[
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PostSubject: Re: CuteGumr appication    Wed Mar 02, 2011 6:46 pm

ok for me ...
SM needed
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PostSubject: Re: CuteGumr appication    Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:38 pm

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PostSubject: Re: CuteGumr appication    

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CuteGumr appication
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