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 Crakens Application!

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PostSubject: Crakens Application!    Sat Feb 12, 2011 6:54 pm

In-game name: Crakens

Character lvl & Class: Crussader lv82

Former Guild (if any): Wicked

Your Equipments (include if gemmed or not): 4cp torso, secrest bots, Enigma Gloves(lv2 striking-lv2lust), MS neck lv65 3str-3con, 2x Petters Calls, Mjr lv33 (w/poss), Dual DEs Agi +9(lv3chpd Rage-lv3 rage- lv3 lust), +7(lv3chpd rage-lv2 rage-lv2 lust).

Your Skills: Sword Mastery, Illusion Slash, Daul Sword Maste, Defness, Blood Frenzy, Shadow Slash (all lv10) --- Concentration (lv6)---Berserk (lv5)---Stealth (lv6)

How many people have Access to Your Account: Only me

How long you've been playing TOP: more 2 years

How Active are you in game: 10 to 14 hrs lol!

Why you want to join in this guild?: I want to join because I see that explosion is a very good guild and I think I could help in the quest RB, CBs also I hate XD and I like to see them die ... Also for fun in CA and DW: P

do you have any experince in dw and ca and other maze? Yes, i have experience in CA and DW

NOTE: You need to have your own SV (with a lv20+ ship) and your own SS (with LB quest).

I have 2 voys lv27+ ships, and 1 SS lv75 but dont have LB .. :/

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PostSubject: Re: Crakens Application!    Sat Feb 12, 2011 7:07 pm

i vote yes XD, he come always ca to help us and is very active we need active ppl
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Crakens Application!
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